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Answers to a Few Questions About Renting a Dumpster

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A dumpster rental can be an extremely convenient way of providing yourself with an easy way of disposing of trash and debris from renovations, construction, and major cleaning projects. Yet, it is fairly routine for individuals to be unsure of the what they should expect from dumpster-rental services the first time that they use these services. Once you have a few of the more commonly asked questions answered, you will find yourself in a better position to make a choice about using these services.

Will the Dumpster Have to Be on Pavement?

There are some individuals that may assume that these dumpsters will have to be placed on pavement. Often, this is due to concerns about the dumpster being stable or its weight causing it to partially sink into the soil. However, it is not always necessary to place a dumpster on pavement. In fact, it may be preferable to avoid putting the dumpster on the pavement, as this may cause chips or cracks to form in the pavement. Rather, it may be better to simply place the dumpster in a level area with firm soil.

Why Are There Limits to What Can Go in the Dumpster?

You should be aware that there are likely to be strict limitations on the items that can be placed in the dumpster. This is due to the fact that these dumpsters will usually be emptied at the local landfill, and landfills have strict rules governing the materials that can be placed in them. As a result, you will want to avoid placing hazardous or flammable chemicals, electronics, and any other items that are included in the rental service's list of banned items. Failure to follow these rules can expose you to the risk of a heavy penalty or fine for improper disposal of these materials.

What Happens If the Dumpster Gets Full Before the End of the Rental?

Some individuals will make the mistake of filling the dumpster until it is almost overflowing. However, it would be extremely unsafe for the rental service to move a dumpster that has been overfilled. For this reason, you should make sure to schedule to have the dumpster emptied whenever the trash starts to approach the fill line on its interior. While you will need to pay a small fee for having the dumpster emptied, this can be the best option for avoiding needing to partially empty the dumpster due to its being overfilled.

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